Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some lists

Things I did today:
1. got up late (that means after 8am)
2. ran errands (including getting groceries, a Christmas present, getting an oil change)
3. did some laundry
4. primed a side table that I need to paint
5. made a bunch of butternut squash soup with kale in preparation for watching movies en masse

Things that made me cry today:
1. nightmares (no, this one isn't funny)
2. the movie Armageddon (there's the joke*)
3. cutting up onions for making soup

Things that made me happy today:
1. getting up late
2. 1/2 off of an oil change! Today only!
3. snuggly kitty snuggles with snuggle sauce
4. getting shit done

Things that I've eaten today:
1. 4 Oreo cookies
2. 1/2 a grapefruit
3. 2 more Oreo cookies
4. 1 piece of toast with most of an egg (Some of the egg was still runny white snot because I had the burner on too hot and I refuse to eat snot. I am not a 10 year old boy with a nose-picking problem.)

*I always cry at this movie. I'm sorry. I know how it ends. I know who lives and dies. I know that there's very little good about it. I know. I know.

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