Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm making pork stew: pork, tomato, carrots, kale, potato, green beans, onions, celery. Red wine. I'm a little bit buzzed on the wine that I've been tasting while I've been cooking. Wiiiiiiiiiiiine.

I'm also watching Stranger Than Fiction. SIGH. This movie.

This movie is so so good. The writing is clever and the acting is beautiful and subdued. Harold Crick becomes reborn. Don't we all kind of want a rebirth? I want to be more adventurous and faster and better and more learned. I want to work out more and eat better and win at lots of things. I want to act and sing and dance and read and write. I want to verb nouns.

We all want that right? Thoughts?


Ouiser said...

really, i just want to be ana pascal.

Just Another Idealist said...

I sure do. ADVENTURE!!!