Friday, December 10, 2010


It was eleven degrees when I got up this morning and drove to work. The Man had left about an hour and a half earlier when it was still dark to walk home (20+ minutes) so he could get to early yoga. It was probably eight degrees or so then.
My thermostat was set to 64 and I was definitely chilly outside of bed. I got up to feed the cats so that I could live the last 25 minutes in bed in (relative) peace under the covers.

When I got out of the shower I heard on the radio that at least 950 homes in Methuen didn't have heat and the company in charge of their heat wasn't sure when they could restore it. There's been no heat all night and today all of the schools are closed pending the outcome of the issue.

It's ELEVEN degrees and they don't have heat.

I'm so grateful for the heat generated by my cats. And my Man. And my nervous energy. I'm happy that my heat works and that my car has a remote starter and that I have the resources to have a car with a remote starter and an apartment that's close to the T and a job where I sit at a desk rather than having to be outside in the winter.
I'm also grateful for friends who want to snuggle and watch movies when it's cold out. Friends who invite you over for soup so you can be warm from the inside out.
I am grateful for that soup.

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die Frau said...

You are the soup that warms my cold days.