Thursday, December 30, 2010

Old School

When I was at my last job (which as you may recall I LOVED), we would occasionally after work go to the Summer Shack near the Alewife T station and have some drinks and maybe some food.

Now, of course they have beers and wine and other drinks, but where the Summer Shack excels in my opinion, is in a drink called the Scorpion Bowl. For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a large bowl of "drink" with a littler bowl thing in the middle that has a shot of flaming Bacardi 151 in it. The rest of the drink is made up of 9-11 shots of various liquors, a handful of cherries and citrus fruit, ice and a splash of fruit juice. It tastes ridiculously good.
I have, on several occasions, had one of these on my own, though they are meant to be consumed by a group.

Tonight, some old work peeps, the Man and I will meet at the Summer Shack to have a drinky or two like old times. I'm leaning towards having a Scorpion Bowl. Whatever! We're taking the train, man...

Before that, I'll be having brunch and a Jurassic Park marathon with my friend J, who loves dinosaurs and, I gather, sharks. YAY to relaxing fun that includes bacon and Jeff Goldblum!

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