Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am NEVER ready for this weather

It hadn't snowed here before yesterday. And by HERE, I mean in the 10 mile radius where I live/work/play.

Yesterday, it started to snow while I was at work.

Then I went to work-yoga. Usually I come out, pour myself into my car and drive home. It's a 30-minute-ish drive. Yesterday I had to dig my scraper-brush out of the back of the car and clean it all off before getting in.
Then I got the the first light and waited 3 cycles to get through. It's a tough left because the people who are on Mass Ave (where I'm trying to get) don't let me in. They don't look at me so they can pretend I'm not there. They were probably pissed off because it took them 20 minutes to get 10 feet.
Don't be concerned that I was being dangerous by taking pictures during my drive. I assure you I wasn't moving. Like at all.
It took me a half hour to get to Harvard (usually about 15 minutes away). I'd made plans with the Man to order sushi and meet him at my place at 7pm. I called him to let him know that it was unlikely I'd make it.

It took me an hour to get home from Harvard. I tried to employ yoga breathing to relax... but... an HOUR from Harvard. COME ON. It usually take me 15 minutes. And there weren't any accidents. Blarg! DISSATISFACTION.

But. I got home at 7:30ish, and the sushi was delivered a few minutes later; it was delicious. And we watched Walk the Line (the Man loves Johnny Cash). The DVD started skipping and I was pretty irritated, but the Man sang along with the movie to provide continuity. It was good of him. And also hilarious of him :)

Tonight I have to go home and pack for tomorrow's trip to Atlanta. YAY! No work for days and days!


Wonderland said...

I feel ya, sistah. Snow + Beantown sounds like a horrible combo. Hang in there! xoxoxo

kirida said...

I have been living in Seattle for almost ten years and though it doesn't snow every year, it snows just enough that it freaks everyone out and I'm stuck on a bus for HOURS. I never know how to dress, I never know what to do.

kirida said...
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