Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas - in stages

On Saturday night I had dinner with the Man and we exchanged Christmas gifts. Among other things, I got him a squash racket/racquet (depending on who you believe). He bought me these:
I know they look run of the mill*, but they're anything but average.
They are very fancy lacquered salt and pepper mills. The salt mill has an anti-corrosive grinding mechanism (because salts corrode steel) and they both have 7 (seven!) settings for courseness. They grind at 7(!) levels of granularity. Are you drooling? I drooled.

I also did some SCIENCE! to show how cool this is. The salt doesn't really show up (I should have used black paper for the salt) but you can see the pepper becoming more course as it moves down the page.

I have already employed these fuckers to great effect in eggs. Even the Man was jazzed to salt and pepper his breakfast. Ah, having the right tools means so much.

So, I have already had Christmas with the ladies, Christmas with the Man, and I am eager to join my family in Atlanta for traditional Christmas with them.
I like spreading out the holidays for prolonged joy. I just hope it doesn't snow here Wednesday and delay my flight...

*HA! Mill! Get it? Because they are mills!? No? Seriously? You have no sense of humor. I am hilarious.


Wonderland said...

I actually am jealous of your mills. Mine only have one setting and it is far to big. Have a great holiday! xoxoxoxo

Just Another Idealist said...

Where did he get them? PS-he KNOWS you! High five him for me.

die Frau said...

Yeah, coarseness settings are badass. And that is the PERFECT present for you.

Have fun in Atlanta and say hi to the family for me!

Leslie said...

I believe he got them at They're the Peugeot Paris salt & pepper mills and the color is "curry". And, to be 100% honest, I told him to get them. I know me so well!