Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Sometimes I buy furniture from Craigslist or a flea market or a yard sale. Sometimes I fix it up or turn around and sell it for more than I bought it for. Other times I fall in love with it and I keep it and sit in it and brush its hair and call it George.

I have a thing for chairs. They're generally compact. They can be beautifully designed. They're useful and they can be among the easier things to change/fix. The Man is afraid every time I leave the house because I frequently come back with an orphan chair...

So, here's a partial pictorial essay of some of the chairs I know (I've purchased and sold several apart from these). Keep in mind that I live in a two-room apartment. And these aren't even all the chairs. I'm ignoring the chairs in my basement storage area and the chairs that are standards (dining chairs and couches).

Here goes. Here a chair, there a chair, everywhere a chair, chair.

Turquoise vinyl mid-century modern. I love this guy. I drove to Connecticut to get this. And I really don't like Connecticut.
J & J Kohn bentwood cane chair. I picked it up for $5 last Sunday. CURVES!
Petite orange wingback chair I bought at a yard sale from an old couple who was moving to Florida. Sweet people, sweet chair.
The is one of a set of three of these I bought. The wood was lighter and I've been sanding and staining. I also have some pretty grey-blue fabric at the ready for when I re-upholster them. The orange is all stained and gross.
Authentic Eames rocker. I picture adorable kids playing on it someday... Classic.
I found this chair on the side of the road waiting for the trash man. It was just a yellow-y wood stain color and in great shape structurally. I sanded it and painted it black and made a pillow for it.
Cane desk chair. $5 at a yard sale. Cane is very comfortable.

So, this is me, being a bit of a collector/hoarder/OCD freaky-deaky. I could probably make a series of these.
And, since I sucked so hard at posting every day in November, I will try it again for December. We'll see how I do. As the Man has been known to say, effort is a habit. I'll simply try again.

Happy December 1st.

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