Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanks and stuff

I (mostly) had a terrific weekend. There was a lot to be thankful for, and I feel that those things lend themselves to my making a list.

Things from the weekend that make me all warm and happy and thankful:

1. Music - listening to it with friends and the Man. Dancing to it. Singing loudly.
2. Waking up and not having to hurry to get anywhere.
3. Only having to drive an hour to Thanksgiving.
4. Delicious foods. All day.
5. Only having to drive an hour home after Thanksgiving.
6. Leftovers.
7. The long weekend.
8. Working on projects. Extra time.
9. A good veterinarian. My cats.
10. Tuna to mask crushed up medicine for cats.
11. Lounging with tea.
12. Driving to see friends.
13. Antiquing outside in the cold (even though I hate the cold).
14. Grabbing a lobster roll and glass of champagne for lunch after antiquing in the cold. Sitting by the fire at the restaurant.
15. Wine and snuggles.

So, that was nice.

Some gross stuff that is gross. I warned you.
So, Conan the Destroyer, my first cat, had to go to the vet on Saturday because he had an infection in his chest. Likely, he got a scratch or cut while outside and it healed over some hair and dirt and got infected. He had a bit of a fever and the vet shaved his chest (he HATES that) and they did some draining of the area. He now has a hole in his chest. I can see his insides. Ew. But cool. But mostly ew. Anyway - this made me think of all of the very wrong ideas I had about the body when I was little. Like that blood was just loose and filled up all the spaces/cavities in the body rather than being held in a circulatory system. I also didn't know that other people blinked regularly. I thought I was a blinking freak and that something was wrong with my eyes. I also thought (based on what another kid at school told me) that if I died and the doctors did an autopsy they would see all of the bits I'd chewed off of my fingernails because they didn't digest but instead sat in your body FOREVER. Gross. Anyway, I know better now. And I stopped biting my nails.


Just Another Idealist said...

So, Amesbury was on the list this weekend? The fireplace? Does it not awesome?

Leslie said...

I believe it was a different fireplace - we went to the Bradford Tavern in Rowley. I shall have to return to Amesbury to experience this other fireplace and compare :)

Just Another Idealist said...

hmmmm, sounds like a comparison trip is definitely in order.