Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I completely forgot about National Blog Posting Month, where you post EVERY! SINGLE! DAY! in November. Actually, I didn't really forget, I did what I do with birthdays, which is to remember like a week before it happens, and then become increasingly forgetty until the actual date, when I'm taken by surprise. So: SURPRISE!!!

Last night I was sleeping alone, which really only happens on those nights the Man is in Maine doing consulting work. I had this nightmare about being in a situation where I was very likely to be murdered, horror-movie style. When I woke up, I was really more scared than I've been since I was little. I was shaking and freezing and all weirded out. I got up to turn the heat on since I could at least do something about the being-cold part. I started to regret the fact that I'd tossed the cats out an hour earlier, as I could have used them as misdirection if a killer broke into the house. Wanna kill me? Let's see how you like having two twenty pound ornery cats thrown at your head and junk!! Ha ha!

Yeah, I'm odd.

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