Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween: 2 pictures that don't do it justice

For Halloween (or rather, on Friday night before Halloween) I was 1/6 of the coolest costume at the Lizard Lounge. We were the Pink Floyd back catalog. If you google the original, you'll see that we've replicated it pretty well here. This was a group effort that I'm pretty damn happy to have been a part of. Three artists and six lovely ladies worked together to make something that I think was enjoyed by everyone who saw us. There are better pictures on Facebook if you want to see them.
You can barely tell from this but I'm The Wall (2nd in from the right). I don't remember ever being this happy about a costume as an adult.

In case you're worried about our collective modesty, we are all wearing modified black shirts with the backs cut out. We tested the limits of double-sided tape that night, let me tell you.

Then there's this picture. I'm trying to look sexy but in reality I look like I just ate some expired yogurt :(
Next to me (not that you can tell) is R, who was dressed as the pot-cookie monster. Imagine a giant cookie monster, with dreadlocks and a Rasta cap. He was also giving out delicious cookies. Instead of pot they featured M&Ms, though.
R indicated that though he enjoys this blog, it had never featured him and was therefore lacking something. So, here he is to hopefully add that je ne sais quoi I've been missing. Merci, R, merci.

On a note unrelated to Halloween:
I had a dream about the Smurfs. Do you remember the Smurfs? They were my VERY favorite Saturday morning cartoon and I watched no less than one jillion hours of them as a child. I also had Smurf curtains and a Smurf comforter. It was all very Smurfy.
It occurred to me (in the dream) that they were kind of a perfect society with the division of labor and the team working and playing and defense against Gargamel and Azreal. But then I started to think about how they were kind of communists and didn't really have the kind of values that I would want my utopian society to have. I remember Brainy as being a Smurf that the other Smurfs didn't really respect that much and if he was really that smart shouldn't they have given him a place of honor? In my dream I was really depressed by my Smurf memories. I woke up confused.
Anyway, good Monday, all.

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Scarlet Lily said...

I can't believe that pic was REAL! I saw that on FB and thought it might have been a really cool photoshop trick. I'm so impressed you found artists who could replicate that. Brava!! Hands down, coolest adult costume.