Thursday, November 11, 2010

Further dumbassery

I didn't much feel like blogging today, but this happened at work and I thought you should know that my social awkwardness knows no bounds:

I am walking around a corner through the halls with a container of soup to heat up in the cafeteria downstairs. Our Chief Medical Officer is walking toward me. I am lost in thought and just stop walking.

CMO: Are you ok?
Leslie: Hmm. What? I'm sorry?
CMO: Well you just sort of stopped and I was wondering if you were ok.
L: Yes, I was just thinking through something in my head. And I was thinking AND walking so I decided to put all of my physical resources toward thinking so that I could get to my conclusion faster. So I stopped. QED.
CMO: ...Oh. Enjoy your lunch.
L: to myself Holy shit, next time just say "yes". Asshole*.

Thank Jeebus I was somewhat redeemed when I went into the cafeteria and this happened:

I put my big container of soup in the microwave. One of the people from Legal comes over and puts his teeny tiny container of food in the microwave.

Leslie: Wow. I feel quite greedy with my giant thing of soup next to your modest lunch.
Guy from Legal: Oh, no! This little thing is just because I was too lazy to make a sandwich. You should have seen all the stuff I ate yesterday for lunch.
L: Ah! Excellent. Well then I'm happy I mentioned it rather than just feeling bad about myself.
GfL: Of course. That being said, if you find you can't finish all that soup**...
L: You'll be the first to know.
GfL: Enjoy!
L: You too!

So what does this tell us? That I continue to be an idiot? That lawyers are more fun than doctors? Who knows. It's probably that I should stop posting about lunch and work and thinking.

*I am, of course, referring to myself here. The CMO is actually a delightful man.
**I finished all of the soup.

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