Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some conversations

Yesterday at 7:15ish while having dinner with the Man

Leslie: You know what I'm really excited about for when we live together? Sleeping together in a bed that's bigger than a full. What are you looking forward to about living together?
Man: Having better furniture?
Leslie: I'll take it! You look forward to better furniture and I look forward to better sleep.

Last night, sometime around 2:30am, when I get up to tell the drunk 20-somethings on my porch (including my neighbor Mark? Marty?) to please keep it down since I CANNOT sleep at all because of their noise

Mark/Marty: OH MY GOD I'm sorry are we too loud?
Leslie: It's just that walls are super thin.
M/M: We'll keep it down. It's just that my sister is here and-
Drunk guy: extending hand Hey. My name's Gary.
Leslie: Hi, Gary.
M/M: we used to have a cat like your cats. We love your cats!
Leslie: Yes, so do I. They're really-
M/M: Let me ask you a question. Seriously, no seriously. SERIOUSLY: Do you do drugs?
Leslie: Um. No, you can do whatever you want, though-
Gary: Do you have any good movies in there?
M/M: You watch movies all the time.
Leslie: Yes. I like movies.
M/M: Do you sell drugs?
Leslie: Uhh-
M/M: No, no seriously, because there was this guy who came up on the porch last night at like 2am and did a line of coke and we didn't know him but he was all like "it's ok - I know Valerie" and we were all-
Leslie: My name's not Valerie. And coke??
M/M: Yeah, and I didn't know him, and I didn't want to judge you, or make any trouble for you.
Leslie: I don't sell drugs. You can feel free to call the cops on strange men doing coke on the porch in the middle of the night.
M/M: I don't think he'll be back.
Leslie: Ok... ... Have a great night, just if you can mange to keep it down-
M/M: Of course. Here! Take down my number in case we're ever too loud you can just call my cell phone.
Leslie: Ok. Thanks. I take down number...
Gary: Getting the number!! Score!

This morning, upon waking up with the Man

Man: What happened last night?
Leslie:I'm not sure. I talked to the neighbors.
Man: Yeah. I was awake. I had your back.
Leslie: In case some serious shit went down?
Man: Yeah.


Scarlet Lily said...

So many levels of awesome.

Wonderland said...

Yeah, what Scarlet said!

die Frau said...

I can't believe that conversation happened in real life. This sort of conversation does not happen in the 'burbs, at least not mine.