Friday, October 15, 2010

Stupid confession #1598 and a (broken) Day of Truth

So the cats wreck my sleep in some way pretty much every night (or early morning). Kail will sit practically on my neck and try to suffocate me with love and Conan does that thing where he tries to dig through any closed door with his paws and meow and meow like he's dying a horrible death. OR if the Man isn't around they will flank me and prevent me from moving at all. And I like to move; I want to avoid bed sores.
So, despite this being true, I still get TOTALLY offended when they don't want to sleep with me.
Because I am a fucking idiot.

Day of Truth!
DoT #21 What would you do if your best friend was in a car accident and you'd JUST had a big fight
Um, is there any other answer than: I would go to her side and bring her lots of ice cream and act out skits from funny plays and sit in a stupidly uncomfortable hospital chair for hours on end while she fitfully slept? IS THERE??
Fight Schmight.


Bri said...

I am the same way with my cats. They don't seem to interrupt my sleep as much as yours do (not much does, though, I think I could sleep through an earthquake) but I regularly roll over on them in the morning and trip over them when i get out of bed. And yet, when they're not around, I get very offended. Pet make people silly, I guess?

Leslie said...

Pets do, indeed, make you crazy. That's for sure...
I knew of a woman who used to make french toast for her dogs EVERY morning...

die Frau said...

No, there is no other answer.

And my dear little dog also likes to sprawl in my space (never T's--just mine), which gets annoying, yet I also get offended sometimes when she sleeps on the floor. Pets definitely make you crazy and silly...and foolishly happy.