Monday, September 20, 2010

Seriously? It's Monday already?

WTF? I know that weekends are usually shorter than we'd like them to be, but I barely registered that we were in a weekend and then it was over. Part of it is that I was busy and part was that I'm still not sleeping that well :(

But! Things that happened to me:

-I stained these three chairs (triplets) that I've been sanding/stripping and the stain is very dark and where it looks good it looks VERY good, but there's some uneven coverage because I guess there may have been some uneven sanding (you know, by me...). Plus, they're old chairs so there are some scratches and that lends itself to unevenness of stain absorption. I looked up the designer of these stools, which I'm crazy about, and it appears that they were designed by a purveyor of high-end Danish chairs. I paid $25 for three. I hope that when I'm done re-sanding and re-seating them they look freaking awesome.

-I was reminded that Greeks know what's up with food. Pizza with kalamata olives, fresh tomatoes, and feta is soooooo good that I'm drooling right now. No leftovers...

-I took a last minute trip with J and M to IKEA! M recently moved and needed a bunch of good stuff - like bookshelves! and a spatula! And I needed very few things and so I made it out relatively unscathed. We did some people watching and also lots of laughing and joking and furniture trying-outing and a good time was had by all. Not that I was in a bad mood before I went but I am constantly reminded of the healing powers of girl-time and I always have more fun than I think I will. Plus! $.50 hot dogs people!! I can't get enough*!

The rest of the weekend was full of the normal weekending stuff. Eating, washing dishes, tidying up, washing dishes, half-sleeping while the cats menace me, washing dishes. Do you see a theme? I feel like I wash dishes at least three times a day - probably because my kitchen is so teeny and I have to get the dishes out of the way to do anything at all. Grarr. When I'm a millionaire, or queen of the world, or whatever, someone else will do my dishes for me!**

*Ok, I can get enough, and enough is two. But still! Cheap!

**Only, not as well as me, so I'll re-do them anyway. Grar again! Foiled by my own perfection!***