Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm not even sure what this is about anymore

So I forgot to mention that my fish, Mr. F, died last Friday.

I was drunk when I found him (here's where the state intervenes and has me secretly sterilized so that I can never ever ever have children). Luckily, the Man was there too so he was kind enough to do the actual dumping of the fish into the toilet bowl so that I could appropriately eulogize him
(Oh Mr. Fish, we hardly knew ye. You were a fine fish and a somewhat reserved companion. I hope you find peace in the watery abyss...)
and ceremoniously flush the toilet. The we went back into the kitchen, washed our hands, and ate our burrito bowls... That was that.

And, just re-reading what I've written there makes me wonder why I write anything here because holy hell my life can be quite dull.
Last night I made soup. And try to contain yourself here because I ate that soup with... wait for it... BREAD. AND THE BREAD HAD CHEESE ON IT.
I know. Folks will be talking about this for years. Anyway.

Tonight at least should prove to be extremely fun as our dear friend I is here from Colorado and it's her birthday and we are going to dinner and yippee skippee I bet we'll eat well in the North End tonight. The I believe we're going to the Lizard Lounge where... um... someone will be playing music. I don't remember who but I will totally look that up before going over there so I know who's name to cheer. Also the Lizard Lounge has great mai-tais. This night just keeps getting better and better and it hasn't even happened yet.

I should probably do some work now.


Just Another Idealist said...

Danielle and then Tom. The good eats and the good music--these things will happen soon.

die Frau said...

This may make you feel better:

Wonderland said...

I'm sorry you lost your fishy friend...