Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cat walk (& a Day of Truth)

Last night the cats diverged from a usual transportation technique. They stopped being "polite". You know how cats do that thing where they very lightly step around things they don't want to step on? Like human sleeping bodies? Well, they used to do that. Not no more. Last night with their paws they gave me what felt like 10 intra-muscular injections and one giant bladder bounce - it was only my amazing reflexes and (and years of kegels) that allowed me to avoid a very messy accident involving pee.
When the Man had to get up this morning to leave for Maine he mentioned that the cats had been particularly... active.

Leslie: Yeah, Conan jumped on my bladder and it was almost like: "SURPRISE*! PEE!"
Man: Ugh! I want to squeeze him...
L: Until he "surprise" pees?

So, good times. Little sleep. I'm not sure if I thought it or said it, but I also tried to make it clear to the Man that we would spring for a king sized bed when we live together, my treat. Then MAYBE there would be enough room for the cats and us.

*I always ALWAYS spell "surprise" with a "z" and then I'm always ALWAYS shocked when it's wrong. Duh.

Day of Truth #5: Something you hope to do in your life
I will really really hate it if I never get paid for an acting gig. It's basically been my dream for ever and in the last few years I've felt close to it, like anything is possible where I am. I've made some contacts and I've certainly had a fair amount of practice, now I just need to go for it. My fear is that I will somehow have to sacrifice the comfort and security I've built up to make it happen, and I'm not sure if I can do that. I'm mildly conflicted. But mostly determined.

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Wonderland said...

I am surprized every single time their is not thier. It should be!