Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Wednesday is my Thursday (and a Day of Truth)

Even though it's Wednesday today, technically, it is my Thursday. I'm taking Friday off and the Man and I are headed to Buffalo to see lots of friends and to continue the celebration of A and J who just moved from Colorado to NY. Yay! A chance to wear a dress and hang out with fun people and be in Buffalo! And did I mention I'm taking Friday off? Weeeeee.
As you can probably tell I'm excited about this.

Now for my next Day of Truth. (In my head that sounded VERY ominous... Dun dun DUN!!!)

DoT #6: Something you hope you never have to do
Well I sure hope that I never have to kill anybody. I know that sounds obvious and that it is extremely unlikely that I would ever have to kill anyone since I'm not going off to war and I don't live in Mattapan. But! After having watched about 30 years of TV, much of it violent, I have to say that I do think that in just the right (or terribly, terribly wrong) circumstances, I could actually do the deed. Sorry, but if someone I love was in mortal danger, I'm pretty sure that would be enough for me. My mom is the same way. Plus, she said that she'd love me no matter what - even if I killed someone.
So, um, yeah. Hmm. Maybe that's TMI. Here, look at some unicorns.

PS. I swear, I promise I'll do my damnedest to never ever hurt anyone. For reals.


Wonderland said...

I would kill someone and frame an innocent man for you, if need be. I'm not ashamed. I'm like a momma grizzly bear with my protectiveness. Deal with it.

Leslie said...

Oh yeah - I knew YOU wouldn't be shocked or offended. We love the same.