Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I will be thirty three in two days. I like the symmetry of that. Also, I love palindromes and it's a mini palindrome.

I've never been the type to dread getting older. On the contrary, my life has only gotten better. I wouldn't be ten or fifteen or twenty again if you paid me. But... there is something... sobering(?) about getting older. I feel simultaneously freer AND laden with more responsibility. Because I know more, maybe? I've gathered enough information to know how important it is to do things and have fun and act. But I've also learned enough to understand that I am the only one who can answer for what happens in my life, for the direction I take.

My Man recently told me that I was more self-aware than most people he knows. I appreciated the comment, because I hope not to be deluding myself (at least most of the time). I try to be honest with myself - sometimes sacrificing being nice.

So, anyway, here are thirty three* things:

-I think I am just one of those people who will never get a good night's sleep. I should probably just accept it. I must get enough, because I'm still functioning; I only wonder what I could accomplish if I were getting the right amount of sleep. I'm pretty sure I could cure illnesses with my mind and break down molecules with a wave of my hand... I could probably also keep plants alive and remember when the last time was that I fed the fish...

-I can't pick up the phone if I don't know who's calling. To be honest, I think I picked up this habit when I was being stalked. It's silly now, but I still do it. It's a general anxiety thing. Just now someone called my cell, and I quickly googled the number before picking it up. For the record, it was the gas station telling me that my car has been inspected and I can pick it up after work. SCARY! DANGER! Ha.

-I have yet to learn the difference between healthy appetite and gluttony. I will eat candy corns until I puke, I will drink chocolate milk (or regular milk for that matter) until I see the bottom of the container, and I will eat salt & vinegar potato chips until my tongue is raw and throbbing and useless. What the fuck is wrong with me? I do not know.

-I constantly sing to pets. Not songs that already exist, ones I make up. Terrible ones with no rhythm or rhyme. (Example: I am a fat little kitty! I like to prowl the bushes! La la la la la la!)

-I have watched the following shows sixty billion times and I'm not sick of them yet:
Arrested Development
The X Files
CSI (Las Vegas)
There's no mystery. I know who dunit. It doesn't matter. I fear that there's some kind of brain injury responsible for my love of repetition.

-I lose patience/interest in projects if I don't make quick progress.

*So, that's only six things, not thirty-three. You didn't really think I would stick with this for thirty-three things, did you? You so crazy!


Just Another Idealist said...

"My Man recently told me that I was more self-aware than most people he knows." I think this is an insightful comment. It says a lot about you AND most of the people he hangs out with. Just sayin.
Please add to list LOTR (or are you only counting TV shows?)

Leslie said...

Ah, you're right. LOTR and Star Wars. And for that matter Die Hard and Indiana Jones. And Star Trek...

die Frau said...

Yes to those movies!

I also sing to my pet. It's so fun....