Thursday, August 5, 2010

Miles and Miles

I'm going to a wedding. Miles and miles away with the Man.
A very special girl is marrying a very special guy on a mountain, and I get to be there. And I get to read a poem as the teary guests enjoy sappy love. I am excited.

Also, I need a haircut, so I've made an appointment for that this afternoon. A mullet is not the appropriate way to celebrate the love of friends....

After the wedding and the celebrating and the squeezing and smooching of good good friends, I will be off to another place where the hiking will be done and the beauty and wonder of nature will be appreciated.

And I'll stay in a super-creepy place from a movie and I'll have some delicious food and I'll be in the sun and basking in the love and it will be good.

Pictures and stories when I return.

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