Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanksgiving 1B

I wish I could write a great song about Thanksgiving. Or that I had a terrific pet that I had named Thanksgiving. Or something. Like that.

This year, rather than watching LOTR and making dinner on Thursday for the peeps in my area who aren't going home for dinner, I'm going to my boyfriend's parents' house for dinner. This is nice because, well, let's just say we've come a long way and it's not worth re-hashing AGAIN. This is sad, though, because I love to make the dinner and host the dinner and eat the dinner that I make. I flip the turkey! And I make the same gravy my mom makes! And my stuffing is EXTRA moist! So, in addition to having Thanksgiving with my boyfriend's family on the day, I'm having Thanksgiving 1B on Friday, where I make the stuff.

I feel MUCH better about the world now that I know I won't be missing out on my own turkey/gravy/stuffing.

Ahhhhhh. Relief. And hobbits.


Wonderland said...

This is an EXCELLENT compromise! I was happy about you going to your man's home for T-day, but I was so sad about you having to give up your super special day. This is a great way to have BOTH of the things you want. Well done!

die Frau said...

I ALSO flip the turkey. Truly, we are one.

Glad you figured out a compromise!