Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Meaty meat meat

I love meat. It makes me happy to eat :) (that rhymed, in case you had not noticed)

Also, it makes me sad. I like animals, so I DON'T like to think of them as having shitty-ass miserable lives. Yes, I realize that their cognitive abilities are COMPLETELY different from ours, and that a chicken does NOT need to self-actualize, but .5ft of space is not enough for a life, even for a stupid-ass chicken.

I have, on occasion, though of becoming a vegetarian. After I think that, I laugh and laugh until there is no more laughter in me. Because of the simple fact that if I had to give up bacon, I would cry so hard! And it would not be worth living!
So, instead, I have made a conscious effort to eat LESS meat, which I've done. But that's not enough. So, my new attempt at change will be to buy all* of my meat from places that care about where their stuff comes from, like Whole Foods**. This will help in two ways:
1. I will eat less-cruel meat, which is healthier and hormone-free and less guilty-making.
2. It's really expensive, so I will buy less meat.

I think that's a good next step.

*Maybe not ALL my meat. Emergency meat*** purchases may be exempt.
**If you know something I don't, like that Whole Foods actually stabs all of the animals in the eyes and privates repeatedly before butchering, please let me know. I'd hate to let ignorance get in the way of good deeds.
***I'm not sure what constitutes "emergency meat", but I'm sure it will come up...


Wonderland said...

NO, whole foods DOES NOT stab their animals in the privates and eyes. I promise you that (or more specifically, my sister does). Get free range as much as you can, that helps a ton. And include eggs and milk in this as well. Get the free range eggs. and the hormone free milk. Trust me, those two small changes really do a lot. I love you and your animal caring heart!

die Frau said...

Come to visit us and have some of my parents' farm-raised pork! It is SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD. You have good ideas, my dear. I'm moving in a similar direction, trying to be more thoughtful with my meat-buying or simply not eating as much.

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