Tuesday, November 3, 2009

do be do be doooooo

I've noticed that I sing a lot. Not actual songs, mind you, but snippets of songs. Or sometimes I just sing about what I'm doing at the time:

Feeding the kitties... at 5 am...
Maybe next time... I'll just kick them*...
*(Forgive the primitive song writing, but it was 5 am...it rhymed, anyway.)

I didn't get much sleep last night. It was, as you may have already guessed, cat-related. Well, only for a while. Then it was man-related. He's taken to defending me by squirting Conan whenever he does anything bad/loud. Last night was particularly active, so for a while, my man was inverted in the bed so that he could better spray around the corner of my bed nook and right a the cat's head. After a while, the cat calmed down, and I got my right-side-up man back.

Back to the point, though! When I'm awake, I think of "THINGS" and also "things". Last night was a "things" night. Just silly little things, like the following:

There are some things I don't understand, but can accept -
-People who want to ride motorcycles
-How airplanes work
-Full-body tattooing

There are some things I don't understand, but cannot accept -
-People who don't like animals
-Diets that claim that you can lose weight by eating all the cookies you want
-Those leggings that are dyed to look like acid-washed jeans

You know, in case you ever wondered.

Tonight after work I'm meeting my man at the T and we'll head into the Downtown Harvard Club of Boston (where you can't wear jeans! Or sneakers! Fancy!) for a reception being held for alums, parents, and friends of my high school. I'm not really sure what it's all about, but when I got the invitation, I got all nostalgic. I usually get a little tense in those situations, but then I remembered the following:
-I live in Boston, which is a cool place to live
-I have a handsome, lovable man
-I have a good job with "manager" in the title
-I just wrapped up a performance in The Somerville (fucking) Theater
-I've aged well compared to some (as facebook pics would have me believe)
So there's NO reason for me to fear. And that's that.

That was a disjointed post, but I've just got that kind of mind...

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die Frau said...

Also remember:
- You're awesome and hot and interesting and have a life outside of B. Academy, and I know some of your classmates don't

They now have JEAN LEGGINGS. As if skinny jeans weren't bad enough. When will the horror stop???

Have fun! MWAH!