Monday, November 2, 2009

I am an asshole!

So, I wanted to actually be a part of National Blog Writing Month, where you write an entry for every day in the month of November. It's November 2nd. Do you know what I did on November 1st? REST. I was SOOOO busy resting, that I FAILED on the first day. But, let me try to start now and see how I do. Ugh.

This weekend I did THE SHOW! It was terrific (if a bit long). Over the course of the run we had 1066 people. OMFG that is a lot. We need 800 to break even, and this was more, so that's good. On Saturday we did 2 shows and then struck the set and then partied until 4am and that is why I rested on Sunday. Well, rested, and did a few loads of laundry, and cleaned the bathroom, and watched 5 episodes of Lost, and made pork, mushroom and shallot stuffed acorn squash for dinner, OK maybe I was a little busy...

Yeah, I'm a little let down because the show is over, but I met several new and wonderful people, and expanded my acting abilities, and performed in The (fucking) Somerville (fucking) Theater, so there. We even had our cast party in The Museum of Bad Art (the basement of the theater) and I got some free movie passes. Awesome.

Last night the man came over for cuddling and dinner and Die Hard, and I've never been so happy to just do nothing. Now if I get another 20 hours or so of sleep I should be back to normal :)


Wonderland said...

Thank you for explaining that 1066 is more than 800! I was scratching my head on that one! ;)

Just Another Idealist said...

266 over @ $20 a ticket is over $5000! You got to perform an awesome roll at the Somerville (fucking) Theater AND you guys made money! You rock SO MUCH! I'll send you pics soon--just need to get them pff my camera. I'm not sure how well they'll turn out since my camera without flask is pretty bad, but I tried to get a few closer up, along with some that will convey the size of the production and of the Somerville 9fucking) Theater!