Wednesday, November 4, 2009

feeling less post-y today

For various reasons. It's hard to reach out to your far away friends in need when your arms are about 2000 miles too short. I'm thinking about you, A. YOU YOU YOU.

There's really nothing momentus to report. Some people at work are making me mad. This is because I tend to act like NOTHING is personal at work (because it doesn't have to be BECAUSE IT'S WORK), and some people can't work honestly. That's all I'll say about that.

My man is still looking for a job while doing consulting. Now, I don't understand how he doesn't have people offering him jobs from every direction because he is really that good. And I assure you I am completely unbiased. Shut up, I am.

I went with him to a reception for my high school last night at the Downtown Harvard Club of Boston. It was good. But weird. When I saw that there was a girl there who was a toddling faculty brat when I went there (she was nice, but we called them ALL that) but now is in her first year of Boston University I headed straight back to the bar for some... perspective. Then I shook hands with the headmaster and he said some very nice things about me and there we were. I was happy to come, and happy to leave. I did have a few nostalgic and proud moments when he talked about shifting to more of a focus on performing arts (yes!) and community service, though. Maybe I can find a little scratch for them, after all...

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Wonderland said...

I am sorry that it is now Saturday and I am just reading this now... And I am sorry that your arms are infact, indeed, 2000 miles too short. But i love you anyway, my dear.