Thursday, October 1, 2009

Likes and dislikes...

The show Deadwood. Its fantastic cast and great writing make it riveting even though I have never liked westerns. I guess it’s not really a western, so much as it is an awesome show that is set in the west and is contextually and thematically consistent with westerns.

Falling asleep at 11pm despite my best efforts to stay awake and watch more Deadwood.

Having my car pass inspection, with its new tires and non-illuminated check-engine-light (even though it cost more than $1200 total) fucking finally. Many thanks to the dudes at Teele Square Auto, who were going to fail me AGAIN because I don't have a front license plate (nor have I for the 3+ years I've lived here). But now that it is a fail-worthy offense, they offered to attach it for me, and then didn't charge me, which they could have.

In Somerville, the most populous city in the USA, some people take what is obviously enough space for 2 cars, and put their 1 car there. I hate these people; they are selfish and bad. These people will be valets in hell, and their job will consist of trying to park a Hummer in a space designed for a SmartCar.

Hot apple cider with caramel, pumpkin spice lattés, soups with warm buttered bread, cuddling, down comforters, candles, coziness

Freezing as I walk to the T, sweating while I’m on the T, freezing while I walk to my apartment. Oh cruel cruel winter (I know it's technically fall, but my nose will be cold from now until April, so what's the difference?)


Scarlet Lily said...

WHOA! Stop. The. Presses. You can put caramel IN cider??? How have I never heard of or thought of this?? Where & how does this happen? Its like you just explained string theory to me.

Yum said...

OH HONEY. They have the caramel that they put in lattés and they pump it into the cider at many many coffee shops. Starbucks does it too, but I suspect they may have actual thick goopy caramel deliciousness that they throw in there. I am led to believe this by the ridiculously caramel-y texture. Both ways are good. Make B bring some for you on his way home. How did you not get this every weekend in the fall in Ithaca at the farmers market? Is it possible they didn’t have it there?

feather nester said...

Deadwood: I've heard this. Have not yet seen it. Will investigate further via my Netflix queue.

Caramel in cider: Seriously, Scarlet, how do you miss these things?!? They did this in TUCSON for crying out loud! Girl, just let Yum and I take care of you. I should have sent you liquid caramel for your birthday. Stupid books.

Freezing/sweating/freezing: Yeah, I remember Philly. Our door is always open, hon. And I mean that LITERALLY right now; the weather here is delightful. Come partake!