Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday, etc.

So, my birthday.

It was a good few days/long weekend :)

On the day (last Wednesday), the lovely J contacted me and asked if she could take me to lunch. Hell yeah, you can! We work fairly close together and in the proximity of a lot of great restaurants. We went to Central Kitchen (they have the best mussels!). As you can see, we couldn’t wait to get started on the delicious tuna steak salad sandwich, or mussels with aioli fries. Otherwise I would have gotten a picture of the meal intact…

After lunch we went to Toscanini’s (it’s on the way!) for micro sundaes. The be-dreadlocked dude working the counter gave us many many samples to taste to ensure our getting the right flavor combination, and I went with berry shortcake ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream. Yum!

After work I took the T home and ran into some theatre folk, who also wished me a happy birthday and walked me home most of the way. When I got to my block, I saw a dude and his adorable pug walking toward me, and I knew it was a photo op. The pug’s owner was very cool about taking our picture. He said I could even pick up the pug, but that skirt is silk, and not resistant to dog drool… (see how I'm about to EAT HIS FACE)

When I got home I cleaned up a little and then went over to meet my man, who was just finishing cleaning up himself. He announced that we would be going to dinner at Rendezvous, a place very near my work where neither of us had been. So, back to the T for us. We stopped and got a large Red-eye from Starbucks first, and shared it while heading to Central. First thing off the T, we run into some crazies drinking and singing, quite joyfully. I toyed with requesting “Happy Birthday”, but thought the better of it.

We got to the restaurant on time but our table wasn’t quite ready, so we parked it at the bar and ordered two dirty martinis. They seemed pretty dirty, but that could just be the vodka talking. There was SO. MUCH. VODKA. After a few minutes, we were seated at the table, and almost immediately received a complimentary appetizer of delicious olives and bread and hummus(es) because we were made to wait. It was delightful but completely unnecessary. We then ordered a bottle of syrah and the spicy bluefish cakes, which were so amazingly tasty that I almost wrote a song about them right there (thankfully, I did not). We went on to have the skirt steak (him) and the lobster/cod/clams in tomato-y broth (me). HEAVEN. We finished it off with some cappuccino and a quick cab ride home.

So, so good.

Then on Thursday, I was taken out by the ladies. The lovely J came over to my place after work, with proseco and cheese and bread. AND she bought me a pretty pretty gift at the artsy store across the street (she knows me!). After much cheese and chatting and the bottle completely empty (I hate waste) we met M and A at M’s house for… wait for it… MORE cheese and champagne. I assure you, this was not even remotely redundant. I LOVE cheese and champagne, so I would have been happy to do this all night. BUT! We had to go to dinner! We started out at the Highland Kitchen, but it was really LOUD and incredibly CROWDED, so we went to Pescatore, which is practically right on top of where I live, and despite the fact that most people think it is a “front” for the mob, it is actually completely charming and delicious. We indulged in some red wine and J and I split a giant salad and the mahi mahi on top of shrimp risotto. After dinner we drove to Toad to cap off the night with great music and more familiar faces. Faces that congratulated me on making it to 32.

Friday night was low-key – just dinner and an Arrested Development marathon with my man. Saturday I met a theatre pal, J for burgers and beers in Porter Square and then we tipsily weaved in and out of various shops on Mass Ave. Here is a pic of J embracing his inner demon (or his inner wicker-lover, whatever).

We also went to a hardware store that had lots of specialty woods. One type was lovely, and it had the BEST name: curly bubinga! I wish I’d thought to take a picture. When I have a child, I will name that child Curly Bubinga. Mark my words.

Saturday night the man and I left on a whim after dinner to his parents little cottage on Squam (I think Little Squam) Lake in New Hampshire. He forgot his key, and his parents gave him permission to break in. It was pretty rockin’ watchin him battering ram the door with his body until it broke. Seriously, I think they should just leave a key under a flower pot in the yard…

Sunday we slept in FOREVER (almost 10am) and lingered in bed for a while (cue porn music here because we totally got. it. on.). Then we went to a brunch buffet where we ate ALL of the corn beef hash in the world. The meaty-potato-y goodness fortified us, and we decided to take the boat out on the lake, which was fantastic. M even let me drive. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!
On the way home from the cabin we met M’s parents in Manchester and had Mexican food.

I barely did anything on Monday but run a few errands, vacuum, and read a book. It was a perfect way to spend Labor Day. Then dinner with the man and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

So, longest post ever, but I had a lot going on, you know.
And this is a short week – YAY!

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