Monday, September 14, 2009

Still truckin'

I continue to have good times, despite adversities. Like rain. And mere-2-day weekends. You know.

Saturday I had plans with J to make an early trip to Ikea because the weather was supposed to be all sucky (it was). Sadly, her new (to her) car, kind of crapped out just moments from my house, and we didn’t want to chance driving 45 minutes to Ikea, filling the car with swedish goodies, and coming 45 minutes home. It seemed unwise.
Instead, she called the seller and I drove her home, stopping at the mall and Target on the way there. At the mall I was obligated to use a $10 gift certificate that Victoria’s Secret had sent me for my birthday (Vicki is so considerate!). I purchased 3 very much on sale bras, and matching undies. I considered using the services of the bra-fitting woman hovering around the push-up/bling-covered/$60 bras, but then I remembered that I am a small C-cup and my bras fit fine. Duh.

We got some sandwiches after the shopping and went to J’s new (to her) place and ate them. Then I had THE SALTIEST PICKLES IN THE WORLD, made by J’s mom. Delicious. I took some for the road because if there’s anyone who loves salt as much as me, it’s my man, and I like to share.
So, I got home, and puttered around. For dinner, I juiced some planty-foods (an apple, pear, orange, plum, carrots, celery, spinach) to make use of my recently-purchased juicer. I also had a plate of lettuce, because I like to occasionally chew. Then the man came over, and we each had a glass of wine and two of THE SALTIEST PICKLES IN THE WORLD. We watched Superbad and stayed up until almost midnight and holy shit that’s late for us.
Sunday, we got up a little after 8 and went to the Ball Square café for breakfast. Walking back to my place, I lamented the fact that I had not gone to Ikea the day before with J, and my man, seizing the spirit of adventure, suggested we get in the car immediately and go. Which we did. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Dude. I effing love Ikea. We had a fun little time, walking around with coffees (and some chocolate I had bought in case we needed additional sugar – Ikea is quite large), trying to find modern solutions for our hectic lives. We both came out not too much poorer and stopped by a nearby Home Depot while we were in the area. My man in a Home Depot is like a kid in a candy store. Or a princess in a unicorn store (you get the idea). If I only knew what to purchase, I would shower my man in drills.

Having procrastinated enough by that point, we had lunch on the way home, including beer, and then parted ways. I re-connected with J, who was on my street waiting for her tow truck. We chilled for a bit and went to the butchery/discount-meat-a-torium in Davis and she went home. I had just enough time to shower and head over to meet the other theatre peeps for rehearsal – which I then left early to have some ice cream with A. Ice cream and girl chat is a lovely way to wrap up a weekend.

And, now it’s Monday, and I feel a little let down, frankly. I’ll try to snap out of it…

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