Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In which I shoot myself in the foot...

So, I am settling into my new place, and kitty #2 is settling in, but Conan the Destroyer, less so. He meows at night, keeping me up and frustrated.
So, a friend of mine (who has SEVEN cats, and is a lover of cats, I must stress) suggested that I take some Rescue Remedy, which I have used for myself in the past, and rub a little bit into the skin of his ear, which is a very permeable area.
Except... that when I woke up at 3am (because there was a very loud party of 18 wheeler trucks swing dancing outside (that's what it sounded like, at least) I was convinced that I had killed him - that I had given my kitty an OD of natural sleep-enhancer.
I agonized silently for 20 minutes or so in bed, as my man gently and obliviously snored. But it was too much. I had to check on him. When I went to the ottoman where he sleeps, I thought I would put my hand down on a cool, rigor-mortis-y body. Instead, he was looking at me, all glassy-eyed and vaguely hung-over seeming. I gave him many many kisses on the head and went back to bed... Where I couldn't help worrying that he would stop breathing at any moment. So, even when I drug my cat so that I can sleep, I can't sleep.
Of course, the cat is FINE. And, now that I know that I am not a cat killer, I may even use the method again if necessary. I do like sleeping.
I am also planning to try the cat pheromone-infuser thing that you plug into the wall to calm down kitties. It seemed to work ok with Kail when I first moved from PA, so maybe Conan will react well too.
Anyway, I gave myself permission to get a jelly doughnut on the way to work (from Lyndell's). It was the first one out of the oven, and it smelled wonderful.


Just Another Idealist said...

I say use it every night. Seriously. Both of you. Especially if you keep sleeping with Snorey McGee ;-)

feather nester said...

Oh, poor drugged kitty! Seriously, he's probably just jonesin' for more, and who are you to deprive him now that you've got him hooked? :)

We've used the spray pheromones on all of the many times we've uprooted our cats and driven across the country with them. It's always worked like a charm for us.