Monday, July 6, 2009

My nooks: let me show you them

So, I've been busy moving into my new place, settling into my new job, and managing to go to the parking authority 4 times and STILL not have a parking permit for Somerville. And let me tell you something about Somerville people: this is a town where the metermaids will give you a $50 ticket for even *thinking* about parking 20 ft from an intersection 3 weeks before you do it. That's how they roll.
So, Internet, I wanted to show you the horrifying and wonderful colors that I painted. Behold, my bednook, painted "tigerstripe" orange:
Not to be outdone, the kitchen features the pea-soup green dubbed "leapfrog" (because YES, I really dig the animal kingdom).
Though it's actually kind of hard to tell here, the two larger paintings here are the creations of a very special lady. She is a rockin' artist, and her portfolio can be seen here: portfolio (go there NOW)

I really love these colors, and my (kind of mini) new apartment. The cats, on the other hand, are not so sure. They're sleeping a lot and they may be depressed. I'm not sure how to distinguish a regular cat sleeping 22 hours a day from a depressed cat sleeping 22 hours a day. I think with the depressed cat, they hum The Cure while they're awake. So I'll look out for that.
Well, I'm off to rehearsal. I have to be funny and silly and silent; I get to juggle and do a spit take. Life is good.

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die Frau said...

Nice colors!

Who knew teaching clueless freshmen to juggle for psych experiments ten years ago would come into play now?