Monday, July 13, 2009

Some stuff I've learned recently: in non-numbered list form

I cannot copy text from another application into this blogspot box. Whenever I do this there is an error, and I can't post. This pisses me off.

On July 11th, the 7-11 stores give out free Slurpees (R).

Hot yoga, when done at 88-90 degrees, is really no more difficult than yoga done at regular temperatures, unless the poses themselves are harder.

Life can feel just as terrible when things are good as when they are bad. It really is all perspective.

My boyfriend is great with kids.

I do a lot of stapling at work. For this reason I have swapped the crappy stapler at my desk for the good one at the print station. (You snooze, you lose.) I feel completely justified in this.

I am a decent whiffle ball player when I am playing with/against children, and there is beer.

At least 80% of the tasks in my life are ones that must be done over and over and over. Like washing dishes. Or cleaning the kitty litter. Or paying the electric bill. When I'm doing these tasks I feel at once comforted and stifled by the routineness.

If you move, you are bound to forget to update your address somewhere. For me: Netflix.

I don't really enjoy bananas, nor do I enjoy yogurt, but the only smoothies I make at home are banana-yogurt smoothies (1 cup yogurt, 1 banana, splash of milk, splash of vanilla). Delicious.

I like hearing about how people make their decisions to choose (fruit, movies, mates) and the criteria they use.


feather nester said...

Huh, odd about the copying of text because I can do it just fine.

You really want to hear the criteria I use to choose fruit for my smoothies? One banana (because otherwise the texture is all wrong), two oranges (because they're juicy enough to add enough liquid without me having to add additional juice or water), a handful of frozen berries (because I can buy them organic), and a handful of spinach (because you really can't taste it! Even my Papoose will eat it.).

Yum said...

Spinach??? BRILLIANT.

die Frau said...

Yeah, spinach in the smoothies. Good stuff. True story.

We are soooo bummed about missing the Slurpees....

FYI, I love peaches but cannot eat them because just THINKING about the fuzz gives me goosebumps. Seriously, I have them right now.