Thursday, March 5, 2009


I agree with Die Frau, winter can SUCK IT.

This is not to say that I NEVER have any fun. On Monday, I went to J's choral concert and sat in a freezing cold church as I (and the lovely A and D) listened to Great Opera Choruses. Then we rejoiced as we drank beer (or, if you're me, a martini and a mai tai). That was fun. Also, yesterday I went to the aquarium with my man, where we decided that when he grows up he wants to be a grumpy penguin. Then he made grumpy penguin noises as we ducked into a bar that advertized $1.50 PBRs (we each had 3).

However, I could do without the cracked dry flesh, and the hellacious winds, and that 4 inches of back-skin that's always exposed being frostbitten even now, while I'm sitting at the dining room table blogging. I'm done with snow-blowing, and wearing my jacket all through rehearsals, and having a constantly runny nose.
DONE. Done. Done, I say!

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Wonderland said...

Is the frost bitten four inches of skin on your neck or the small of your back? Shall I buy you a scarf? Or perhaps a longer coat? I know it sucks but we needn't sacrifice our flesh.