Monday, March 2, 2009


Today, I owe my mood/attitude/personality to the following. It's a mix:

Waking up to 8 inches of snow on the driveway.
Removing same.

No new job postings.

Oatmeal. Locally-made honey.

Drive into Davis Square - snow emergency in effect means very little parking. Manage parking in unplowed spot, up to knees in snow to feed meter.

Meeting friend for COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE at hip alterno-coffee haus.

Dithering around in vintage/second-hand store with same friend. Trying on crazy-Aunt-Ethel hats. Buying $6 linen skirt that is appropriate for weather in August.

Driving home and finding yet MORE snow on driveway. Thanking the good people at Daimler Chrysler for my excellent 4-wheel drive.

Dissatisfied screams from cats demanding food. Clock indicates feeding time is still 2+ hours away.

Completion of memorizing scenes 13, 1 and 2a of the play. Still SO MUCH MORE to learn.

Looking forward to -
short term: being social tonight, seeing my man after his ski weekend, having a beer. Yoga tomorrow?
long term: trading in my jacket for skirts and flip-flops, having a job, planning some life changes.

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