Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy bee

That's me!
This weekend, I managed to send off my taxes to my tax man, who did them immediately and so they've already been submitted (the money from which will partly go towards buying mama a new set of tires for the BarbieJeep). I auditioned for a 50s-radio-show style production that's 12 episodes and will keep me fairly busy. I ran lines loudly in my apartment in my roommate's absense, and I shopped for Thanksgiving 2 - I got a 25lb turkey. Yum.

This week I plan to check out another yoga studio - hot yoga sounds VERY good right now. I also have to go to a mandatory seminar as a condition of my unemployment (I think they just want to see how many people show up drunk at 10am). Luckily, I'm going to the same one as my man and so we'll venture into Boston together and after the seminar have some lunch. I also have to complete my 401K rollover paperwork from my last job. Not that it makes any difference what I do with the money since by now it's probably been whittled down to about $8 or something. HA HA! (that was sarcastic, sad laughter, btw)

Unfortunately, I think I'm getting a cold. That's what my constantly-running nose is telling me, anyway. I'm pretty sure I did that thing where I slept the entire night with my mouth open and that gave evil leprechauns the opportunity to fill my nose and throat with cement.

A nice thing is that my friend K, who was one of my college roommates, is preggers again. I hope we have lunch this week so that I may view her bumpaliciousness. Since I can't see Scarlet Lily in person, I'll get my pregnant-belly-fix that way. It's the little things, you know. Also, since she's eating for two, we'll have to have dessert. YAY!


die Frau said...

She's pregnant again? Well, she's just trying to show off. Just kidding, K! Congrats!

Take care with the hot yoga--I do not want to naysay, but friends of mine who teach regular yoga warn against it because it gets TOO hot and you don't get enough liquids and then you shrivel up and become a sweaty yet somehow dried up mess on the floor that some poor custodian has to take care of. Seriously, look into the pros and cons first.

Whoops--there goes the timer for the bread to go into the oven! Yes, I'm a bread freak. I love it.

Wonderland said...

I am glad you are trying Hot Yoga. Anyone who likes yoga should, just to see what it's like. But I, personally, hate it a lot. Let me know how it goes!