Sunday, March 22, 2009

2nd Annual Thanksgiving 2

Yesterday was Thanksgiving 2. The turkey went in the oven at 10:30, for a removal time of 3:30. The bird was beautiful.

People started to show up at around 2pm, with the first guests of the day being the J family. Here I am with J, as we shuttle items to and fro to make room for ever more dishes on the stove:

We're smiling because we've just been poured 2 glasses of Proseco. YUM!

This is part of the crowd who was there to enjoy the festivities. Notice the joy:
(Also check out J's butt in the bottom left corner, and her man, rather obviously checking out that butt...)
This picture shows you why there's so much joy. Starting from the center and spiralling out clockwise: Turkey, roll, bread stuffing, green bean casserole, squash with brown sugar, walnuts and currants, corn, mashed potatoes - all covered with a helping of gravy.

Here's my man enjoying the gravy (or cravy, as we call it. Crack + gravy = cravy).

And here's a great illustration of what we all did for a while after dinner.
Today will be spent cleaning, and figuring out all of the different ways to enjoy the leftovers!

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Just Another Idealist said...

I just got off the couch. No, seriously. That was some seriously potent turkey ;-)