Friday, March 27, 2009

...out like a lamb

Last night after a long and grueling rehearsal (please note: I do not usually find rehearsals grueling - other than being COLD they are delightful, but last night was a line-through where all of the nit-pickiness came out and it turns out that I've taken to paraphrasing Shakespeare a bit so I was corrected A LOT) I went to TOAD - where there's never a cover - to see great music and celebrate A turning thirty-tubular. FUN! Everyone was already loosened up when I arrived at 10:45 (and had to stand in line. In the rain. In the cold. In the night...) which was nice because then I could shake off the day and just relax while shakin' it to the music of Baker Thomas and the Irregulars. J was so kind as to purchase 2 UFOs for me, for which I am grateful. As repayment I made sure no one put date-rape drugs in her beer while she peed. I am a good friend ;)
Sadly I completely forgot to take any pictures, despite having my camera AND it being a good hair day! So, instead, here are some pics I took this morning:

This is my office. It has good lighting, an ok view, it's in close proximity to the kitchen and bathroom. Also, when quittin' time rolls around I'm just steps away from a great bar (liquor top left).

OOOH! And this:

It's proof. PROOF, I TELLS YA! Spring has sprung and that means flowers! and colors! and that means we're *this* much closer to the time when I can wear skirts every single day!
Well, gotta get back to the office. Then run some errands. And do the laundry. And the dishes. Then help my man paint his basement (he's very proud of his basement). Then tomorrow morning I'll take him to the airport so that he can fly to Colorado to ski and live in huts for 9 days. ...Yeah, it's not my idea of vacation either, but he seems to enjoy it.
Have a lovely weekend, peeps.

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