Thursday, January 8, 2009

Right and wrong

How to cross the street the wrong way:
Grab me between my elbow and shoulder. If you do this, and you're not a blind, old person, please expect me to rain down the pain. I do not enjoy being goon-handed. I kick high and I kick hard.

How to cross the street the right way:
Hold my hand.

That is all.

(No, wait! It's not all! Completely unrelated to streets and goon-handing: Daylight Saving(no "s") Time officially starts in 8 weeks. YES! That is all.)


Scarlet Lily said...

Wow - where you on a date when that happened? That's awful.

Also, you just blew my mind with the "there's no 's' on Daylight Saving" thing. Was this a huge secret that you were keeping all to yourself??

die Frau said...

Who grabs the upper arm to do this unless he is propelling you into a van with tinted windows to do nefarious deeds? Kick away.

Ditto on Daylight Saving--I've totally screwed that up. I've also savored each precious minute of daylight we get back

feather nester said...

When Scarlet and I lived in VA the summer between freshman and sophomore year, we worked at Blockbuster for a while and with a girl whose boyfriend steered her around by the back of her neck. Yup, he would grip the base of her neck, almost like you see people pick up kittens sometimes (only, at least he didn't try to lift her off the ground this way), as they walked. It was horrifying. The Husband still does this to me sometimes just because he knows how much I hate it. Bastard.