Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pity me not

I am now, officially, too old for it to be possible for me to have a baby at the same age my mom had her first child.
My mom, who I thought was SO OLD she was practically dessicated when I was a toddler. SO OLD that she might break a hip if I looked at her with too much intensity. SO OLD that she may have once had a hot hot affair with Charlemagne...

And me? Why, I'm pretty sure I was 17 about an hour ago. Remember? When I stuck those Pretzel Stix up my nose at lunch? Or when I giggled my way through a meeting last week because I was NOT wearing underwear? Or when I doodled monkeys having sex on my electric bill? Or tried to get the cats to drink some of my dirty martini?

Gah, when did this happen?
I'm not upset - just curious about how this crazy ride will all turn out. Hopefully on a porch-swing somewhere warm.


die Frau said...

Yes, my mom informed me recently that I'm now not the only married one, so perhaps my sister will have a kid before I do. Thanks.

I have no idea how it will turn out either, but I know it will involve talking with you on our space-phones.

Jessica said...

Don't buy the hype. We will deal with biology in due time. We can't control other people, so there's no point stressing about it. What we CAN control is our outlook on the situation. Are you living the life you love RIGHT NOW?

And there IS a porch swing in a warm place in our future, no matter what.

Wonderland said...

Yeah, What Jess said, with and added "and there will be pool boys to look at."