Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter, now with 100% more ass-busting

So, I got up this morning at dark-o'clock, did my morning routine (get up, re-set alarm for tomorrow, make bed, put on robe, feed cats, shower, turn on sink while cats drink from sink and toilet, dry/groom, dress, drink water, brush teeth, start car, dry hair, get the f out). I slip-slided to my car and made it to work unscathed. I managed to hold a safety meeting, and then I completely busted my ass walking to the office from the warehouse. I split open my knee and my fun tights in the process. I got back to my desk, put a piece of wood in my mouth so I wouldn't scream, and sewed up my knee and my tights with the med/sewing kit I keep in my desk. I woulda been a great army doctor during the war, let me tell you.
The fall and treatment was more pleasant than the rest of my morning so far, but I'm hopeful that the after-lunch portion of today will be much better.

Here's hopin' anyway.


die Frau said...

Now all you need is a large St. Bernard to bring you whiskey in one of those canteen thingies they supposedly wear. Sorry about the knee and the tights! You are totally Hotlips O'Houlihan in my book.

Wonderland said...

Die Frau is on to something. You need Whiskey STAT!

Ouiser said...

what the hell? you sewed up your own knee? sweets, they have doctors for that. doctors with numby medicine.

i think you may be slightly sadistic. i still love you and all, but you're one sick cookie.