Monday, January 19, 2009

Great conversation with my semi-deaf roommate:

As I sit in my room wishing that all of the local purchasing managers would die/retire/go on maternity leave, I call out (about her loud music):

Is that Emmilou Harris?

What? Are you talking to me?

Yes. Is that Emmilou Harris?

Yeah. Is it too loud?

Nope. She's really good.


Um...Emmilou Harris...


Ouiser said...

not only is she an awesome singer, she has the world's most awesome gray hair. i sincerely hope that when i am totally gray-haired, which is likely to happen in the next eight to ten days, my hair will become strikingly beautiful like hers.

Yum said...

Agreed. We could all do much worse than end up with her hair.
Please send pics of your new Emmilou Harris hair...

die Frau said...

I love Emmylou, although I can see how listening to her at top volume must grate. She has such a cool voice and yes, she's mastered the gray hair.

My uncle is deaf in one ear, which his dorm head didn't recall when giving Roy the room above his. He thought Roy would make a nice, quiet occupant until the stereo went on with similar results to yours. Whoops.