Thursday, July 3, 2008

3 Men on Bass

So, let's start early in the day yesterday. I wore a pretty sun-dress and walked to work. The weather was glorious! Then, midday, there was rain and hail and gale-force winds. Ugh! It did clear up enough for me to only suffer a little from soggy-flip-flop syndrome on the way home, but the skies were threatening.
Later, I got on the T and went into Harvard to meet the lovely J, who had an identical pretty-dress-and-crazy-rain kind of day. We'd come to see one of our friends play at Passim (club in Harvard - but not a dance and rave kind of club, more of a listen to music quietly and eat vegan food kind of club). Anyway, two points were emphasized by listening to these three men on bass:
1. Bassists seriously rock, with all of their "wakita-wakita-bow-ow"ing
2. Bassists are FUNNY

Best line in a song:
"You may hesitate to think I'm better than the best you've had, but your dog really likes me so you should get used to me being around..."

Afterwards, we went with D, one of the bassist's long-time fiancée across the street for margaritas. Oh Hell Yes. If J and I hadn't had work today we would have stayed for more, but as it was closing in on midnight we hopped a bus back to our 'burg and went home. J really had to pee, so there was some torturing going on. I'm sure she was able to wait until she got home :)

Anyway, after already putting out some fires today, I'm hoping to take it easy this weekend. Tonight, I'm thinking Thai chicken and a bottle of wine. Tomorrow, hopefully some laziness in the sun and then fireworks.

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feather nester said...

Glad you were able to wring yourself out and have some fun.

Mmmm, Thai chicken. Good idea. I needed some inspiration for tonight.

And, yes, that is one of the best song lyrcis I've heard. Almost country, in a really good way.