Friday, June 27, 2008

Lazy. Hazy. Friday.

With this blog, I'm trying to post frequently, but not to ramble. I hope that it works out. I want people to be able to catch up with me, but not have to be subjected to every mundane detail of my life.

I am very excited that it's Friday. The reason is that other than modeling for 3 hours tomorrow, I have no commitments for the weekend. Now, there are things to do, bien sur, but there are always things to do. I hope to completely clean every millimeter of the kitchen, do some laundry, and brush the 37 lbs of extra hair off of my cats. Also, read. And nap. And eat ice cream. And learn my lines. And wash my car. And buy a couple of plants to replace my dead ones. And maybe take in a movie. Also, some vitamin D. So, the weekend is actually filling up :)

Tonight will be for BLTs(with avocado - so healthy, HA!) and lounging on the back porch with M and a glass of wine. I hope that the weather cooperates long enough for me to walk home, but after that the sky can open up for all I care (as it seems to want to do). Ahhhh.... Friday.

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