Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friends, Food, Fantastic Weather

Last night I walked to Davis Square to meet the lovely A and J for food and cocktails. We tooled around for a while trying to find a place that was 1. not terribly crowded; 2. had outdoor, or open-to-the-outdoor seating; and 3. had food and booze. We ended up at Diva for Indian food (yum, naan!) and some drinks. The chatting was delightful, the food, naan-y, and the company, superb. J and I left A to walk home in one direction while we took the other. I LOVE walking around in the summer.

Sadly, my cats are evil scientists who are performing cruel and unusual sleep-deprivation studies on me. I shall have to disable their vocal cords...yawn.

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die Frau said...

I wish we had a few more ethnic places in OP--because it's a suburb, it's kind of an event when I see a non-white person. Seriously. We do have a Mexican place called "5 de Mayo". Why they didn't write out "Cinco", I don't know. They do have waiters who barely speak English, so I guess that's authentic.