Thursday, January 24, 2013


So every day I look at my blog and thing: nah.

Because I'm tired or too busy, or I don't feel like recounting everything, or maybe I do, but blergh*, I just don't.
So I haven't been doing it much. I feel like probably this is temporary.

I'm in a blog-funk. Probably not a life funk. I guess time will tell on that, right?

So, for those days when I feel like uploading a word or two, or maybe just a picture, so that later when I'm 70 years old and I feel like checking in on 35 year old me, I made this tumblr:


It's nothing. Just things and stuff. No pressure - it's mostly for me.

Hugs, you guys.

*I have no excuse so my excuse is blergh.

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