Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I'm not sure why the time before vacation is so very stressful. I mean, for me, right now it is very stressful because this is a very busy time of year at work in general. And also there is an especially important project at work that needs to be completed before I leave for vacation. And I just took a test for my class on Monday. And also I'm waiting to hear about a thing*. And there is the possibility of uncomfortable political discussions next week that I'm not looking forward to. And I've been giving myself stress headaches from all of the furious brow-furrowing I've been doing. SO! MUCH! FURROWING!

What I'd really like to do is figure out this work project thing today and then go home, get a haircut, drop stuff off at the dry cleaners, go to yoga with the Man, and then go to sweet sweet sleep. Until Saturday when we leave for Mexico.
Sadly, that course of events is unlikely to transpire. I'll have to settle with getting the work thing figured out by the tail-end of the day on Friday (I hope) and packing Friday night. Maybe not going to the dry-cleaners. I know it'll all get done eventually. I'm just a worrier.

This is not the best post ever. Or the most hopeful. BUT. I have a great life. Wonderful friends that I have dinner plans with or run into at a bar or pick up from the airport or meet for cupcake-breaks. I have the Man (who is pretty much the BEST man ever). And I'm days away from meeting my family in Mexico for sunshine and umbrella drinks. I'm ok.

*more on this later

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