Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fun facts

Here are some things about San Francisco and the surrounding areas and my trip. Bulleted, for her pleasure:

  • Palm trees really are a thing out there.

  • Oysters are too. Have the oysters.

  • In Napa, some people have gin-blossom-y noses. Dude, I think it might be the wine. (You should drink the wine, too.)

  • On taking a shower after exiting your mud bath, be sure to rinse all of your creased areas. Mud really gets into those parts. Like, a lot.

  • If you are exploring with a friend who has lived in the area so you don't have to go through all of the where-the-hell-are-we-I-don't-know-whether-to-go-up-or-down-this-enormous-hill business then bully for you! (Thanks, E, for driving and navigating and knowing how to use MUNI)

  • Sea lions are just giant/loud/wonderful sacks of awesome. "They engage in group rubbing, which provides invaluable social interaction and rejuvenates the coats"*.  

  • There are a jillion different kinds of orchids and all of them are beautiful. 

  • Homeless people would like some spare change.

  • Every view is so pretty, provided you can see it through the fog. Sometimes you can't see anything for the fog.

  • Even the "small" redwoods are impressively tall and straight. I think I like them best for the straightness. They seem disciplined.

  • PSA: If you are a passenger of a car that is driving at a reasonable pace through windy mountain roads, and you become increasingly nauseated, do not look at every moving thing that passes in front of you. Look down and wait for a rest stop where you can buy some cracker jacks. It will help.

There are more facts, but I think you should just go for yourself. It'll be a surprise that way. But seriously, don't forget the wine-and-oysters thing.

*I learned this from David Attenborough and the BBC.

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Wonderland2 said...

Awesome post. I'm so glad you went, and I am very jealous you went :)