Friday, September 21, 2012


Yesterday I went for a jog. Because I am a superstar! No one in the history of the world has ever gone from a full day of work to slowly jogging two whole miles! I am the first! Huzzah! It did feel pretty good – except that I had a headache so every time my foot fell I felt a corresponding THUMP in my brain. That part was not so good. I rarely have headaches, and this was particularly unwelcome because there were lots of footfalls and therefore lots of brain THUMPs.

Frequently when I am on the train to or from work, I notice that as we’re approaching a stop, several people reposition themselves so they can get close to the door (you win if you get out first) and sometimes that means that these people get irritated if I don’t get out of their way while they’re getting close to the door. Now, I don’t want to impede anyone exiting or entering the train, but if you’re moving around before the train stops, and you want me to move before it stops, my answer to you is likely: no dice. I don’t want to be jostled unnecessarily. I shall continue to keep myself upright until the train has reached its full stop.

I am really happy it’s Friday because that means the weekend! And also homework. But A is coming from Buffalo this weekend! And the Man and I might take a bike-ride! And I need to remember to buy kitty litter.

It’s the little things, folks. Enjoy the day.

TEXTVERSATION with the Man yesterday afternoon:

the Man: Think I'll run after work.
Leslie: Yeah... uh me too...
M: Run together?
L: NO!

See the Man is fast, and athletic, and can run miles and miles without falling down OR crying. I am not that way, so I'd prefer to avoid the embarrassment...

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David Policar said...

Well, I saw you jogging and was suitably impressed.