Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some things

On running:
I am not a good runner. I am trying to be a good casual runner. The Man has, on a couple of occasions, expressed an interest in running together. The answer is no. When I'm running in Somerville, in our neighborhood, I can stop whenever I want, and people who see me will not know if I have just run 5 miles (no) or 3 miles (no) or 1 mile (more like it). If I run with a person, that person will know. And then make fun of me, obviously.

On bamboo:
There is this awesome stand of bamboo on Winslow near Morrison where I jog. It's probably twelve feet high and it's pretty dense. I kind of want a stand of bamboo in our yard.

On reminders:
I need to remember that when I'm commuting and I have my earbuds in, if I say something under my breath, even though I can't hear it, people NOT wearing earbuds CAN hear it. Remembering this may save me from a bloody lip in the future. Yesterday on the T I sat down. A man sat down next to me. When I sit, my thighs are straight in front of me and my hands are in my lap, so as to make me appropriately small so I don't get in other people's space. The man next to me made himself as wide as possible: His legs were in a wide V-shape, and his arms were at his sides holding coffee and a paper, also at his sides. I might have mumbled something like "fucking christ I have no space" and he might have heard me. A little. His retribution was to sit exactly as he was. Touché, man, touché.

On neighbors:
Living in a community in the age of social networking is kind of awesome because about twenty minutes after posting on Facebook that I craved some chocolate I was sitting in my neighbor's kitchen eating chocolate and chatting and drinking malbec served at 65 degrees. So, the system works.

On fall attire:
Today is the first day I'm wearing boots, as I don't allow myself to wear them before fall starts because that is crazy. Despite wearing pretty light-weight Clarks, I felt physically and emotionally heavier. I should probably get some kind of froofy coffee drink to make myself feel better about this...

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Anonymous said...

If you get some bamboo, make VERY sure that it's "clumping" bamboo unless you want bamboo through your whole yard and invading your neighbors'. Our neighbor on park has running bamboo, and it's a real pain.