Monday, July 23, 2012

New Hampshire is pretty sweet, except for when it reminds you of when you were thirteen and chubby

This weekend, the Man and I went to New Hampshire. We had planned to make the weekend a "togetherness" weekend with just us and go somewhere (maybe Maine?), but that didn't work out because some of his family from Florida was visiting so we went to his parents' camp in NH instead. We drove up Saturday afternoon and hung out with his parents. Saturday night we had some wine and did basically nothing.

We would have likely not done much on Sunday but I mentioned that while at the camp, in the very natural nature wonderland that is rural New Hampshire, I'd never been farther than about a 500ft radius from the cottage, except when we took the boat out on the lake (which is lovely, of course, but not terribly active). So Sunday morning we headed over to Rattlesnake Mountain (or Rattlesnake Trail, or someplace) for a hike. Let me tell you that by "rattlesnake", I'm pretty sure they mean "mosquito" but Mosquito Mountain, despite the pleasing alliteration, probably does not impress as much as Rattlesnake Mountain.
In any case! The hike was brief but lovely, with the reward that at the top you get to look out over the entirety of Squam Lake and a small fraction of the billions or trees NH has to offer. We lingered a bit at the top and returned to the car, then the camp.

We waited for the relatives to arrive - they'd been at a breakfast for their 50th high school reunion, which occurred the night before. That's right - 50 years. Dang. Then after the Man's aunt and uncle came, their daughter and her husband came. They were very nice to me, but of course fell into patterns of talking about the past, and family stuff (life you do when you're with family). I realized with increasing discomfort that I was feeling the way I felt when I was about thirteen - chubby and insecure. They were talking about teaching people how to kayak (OH! I kayaked for the first time on Sunday - it was awesome!) and racing mountain bikes in competitions, and doing Iron Man triathlon thingies, and hiking the Appalachian Trail. And I kind of wanted to slink into my seat because I was pretty sure that saying I'm "good at yoga" was not going to cut it. You know? Even though I'm a busy person, and I DO a lot of stuff, I definitely felt a bit lazy and sloppy. I don't even know anything about bikes! Or sports equipment! Ugh!

Note: This is not me looking for pity or feeling sorry for myself. It's just a problem that I have always had. I never really played any team sport and my parents always pushed academics so I didn't really see the physical stuff as being terribly important. PLUS! I wasn't good at it so it was great that I didn't have to care. Yeah. Now I want to be good at that stuff but there's no gym class to learn it in. So I pretty much need to figure that stuff out on my own. I don't have high hopes that I'll become particularly good at any of it - which isn't a big deal as it doesn't come up that often. I mostly just want to be in shape and healthy and look ok. Those are all achievable goals, I think. I could work a little harder at that stuff. I'll let you know how it goes...

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