Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Conversation about love and sandwiches

Last night during the brief period I was home after work but before rehearsal, I was trying to figure out if I should order food before heading into Davis Square, and the Man came home:

The Man: What are you doing?
Leslie: Considering ordering a sandwich or something from Deli-icious.
M: Oooh. Will you order me something?
L: Sure, but I have to go to rehearsal. We can both go and then I can leave from there and go to rehearsal...
M: You mean you won't bring it back for me?
L: ...blank stare...
M: It's right there...?
L: Oh. How did we get here, baby?
M: Because we love each other. And sandwiches.
L: Yes. I love you, but I'm not delivering your sandwich.

We did not order sandwiches. The Man went for a run and I stopped at Chipotle for a burrito bowl. Then as I ate that burrito bowl I spilled half of it on a church pew. Which I maintain was a sacrifice to Thespis. Now we're sure to have a good run. Of our show. Which is this.

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