Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The Man and I are working on making a den out of the room just off our kitchen. We agreed that we needed a coffee table, and I found a great one on craigslist. He also liked it. SCORE! Last night I bought this from a very nice lady in Watertown:
I think the cat is checking the structural integrity of the piece.
I know the picture isn't super descriptive - I'll take a better one when the room is more... you know... a room.
The walnut is so nice and it goes with all the rest of the woody-woodness in there and so we'll keep it.
Also, on the underside, where you frequently see manufacturers' stamps, I saw this:
This table is from 1971 and 1/2. So, I guess that's June? July? Adorable.
Stay tuned for additional den-related updates.

NOT RELATED AT ALL: I find that a great time to be alone with myself is on my morning T ride, on a full train. No one is looking at anyone straight on, I'm generally looking at my bag or my hands or the floor or people's shoes... I get lost and forget that anyone else is there. I have a similar experience at Baptiste yoga classes. The fuller they are, the less I notice other individuals*. It's a hive. I like it. I feel like most people are looking for the same thing in those places - to connect with themselves rather than others. At least, that's what I'm looking to do. Get some good internal peace-time.

*Except you people who breathe out all heavy and sex-noisy. Of that I do not approve.

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